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Christmas Special: 10 Must Go Places

Christmas as I have known has been a festival of colours, hapiness, winter in the air but warmth in the hearts, carols, Santa caps and frolic. We give you 10 Must Go Places for you to make the best of your Christmas eve. So eat, pray and enjoy!

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Sagar Ratna CEO resigns

Arvind Nair, CEO of one of India’s leading South Indian cuisine chain, Sagar Ratna, has put in his papers. Sagar Ratna was operating under its investors India Equity Partners and Nair has quit due to tussle between investors and promoters.

Nair will be holding the post only until end of December 2013. According to promoters the investors have not been living upto their claims of building Sagar Ratna as a brand. While the investors claim that the promoter, Jayram Banan, has voilated the contract by opening a hotel chain, Shri Ratnam, thus destroying Sagar Ratna’s brand value.

tn_5853_image00011-1371894594Pic Courtesy: SoDelhi.com

JustEat raises third round of funding

JustEat.in, the Bangalore based food odering and table reservation venture, has raised third round funding. Though the company puts the amount as disclosed, but ensures it being the largest so far for them.

The funding led by JustEat Holdings, Forum Synergies and Axon Partners Group, will allow the venture to expand the team size, build a stronger network, accelerate growth and expand further in metros.


With the money raised, Forum Synergies and Axon Partners Group have bought a minority stake in the company, while the majority remain with UK-based Just Eat Holdings Ltd.

JustEat.in currently operates in Bangalore, Delhi (National Capital Region) and Mumbai, signed with 2,500 restaurants and 3 lakh registered users.

Mamma Mexicana opens at 1 MG Mall, Bangalore

If Mexican food is your thing and you live in Bangalore, then we have news for you. Mamma Mexicana, a tex mex restaurant, opens at the 1 MG Mall in Bangalore. With authentic flavours assured, the space offers a complete Mexican look and feel to it, totally vibrant.

The restaurant offers a wide variety of Mexican cuisines including urrito with black bean made veggie style with rice, sour cream, pico de gayo, spicy salsa, sinfully loaded potato skin, crunchy taco with cheddar cheese, tortillas, and more.

MasterChef Shipra Khanna opens restaurant in Ahmedabad

The MasterChef Season 2 winner Shipra Khanna becomes an entrepreneur with her first restaurant. H.O.T, House of Taste, has been opened in Ahmedabad with a view that people of Gujarat love food like nowhere else.

The restaurant is all set to bring in new flavours where French dishes will get a Himachali makeover and will cater to the vegetarians of Gujarat. Before opening the restaurant, learnt some important cooking techniques from acclaimed French Chef Alain Passard.


Shipra who hails from Shimla, is now settled in Mumbai.

Moti Mahal Tandoori Trail goes overseas; opens at Oman

The tandoor flavours of Moti Mahal Tandoori Trail now goes overseas to Muscat in Oman. The business which is now nearly 93 years old and began in 1920 in Pakistan was later re-established in Delhi.

The outlet will bring to Muscat the ambrosial Tandoori Cuisine with a wide variety of glorious meats and fabulous flatbreads to choose from. Monish Gujral, the Managing Director of the chain, an author and chef has added a contemporary essence to the old dining experience along with robust flavours of North India. He also released his cookbook “On the Kebab Trail”.

moti mahal
Pics via http://www.monishgujral.com

“Moti Mahal is driven by the imperative mission of preserving the authenticity of true North Indian cuisine, with its trademark substratum of Punjabi-Pathani flavours. Through our expansion plans we intend not only to expand our empire, but extend the reach of the original north Indian flavors” said Gujral.

The ambience has a contemporary and charismatic charm to it. Adorned with photos and souvenirs of Moti Mahal’s culinary journey. The restaurant can seat a hundred and also has banquet halls. What more, one can even order in for a home delivery service.

Pics via www.monishgujral.com
Pics via http://www.monishgujral.com

Besides its signature butter chicken, Burra Kebab, Chicken Pakora, Chicken Tikka Achari, Its menu also caters to the vegetarian palate with equal choice from dishes such as Makhamali panir tikka, Makhani Panir, Dal Moti Mahal and Subz Sizzler etc. The Makhani section which includes dishes made of cream and butter gravy like Butter Chicken, Daal Makhani, and Paneer Makhani are a must have for those who haven’t yet discovered North Indian Cuisine.


McDonalds says Vikram Bakshi no more MD; Bakshi to move CLB

Its one of the most surprising news in the retail industry in recent times as the parent company of McDonalds announces that Vikram Bakshi will no longer be the Managing Director of the North East JV of the fast food major.

According to reports, Bakshi’s tenure has ended 17th July 2013 and will no longer be the MD. Moreover, the operations will currently be taken care of by the international operations until “a new mananging director is appointed”.

Vikram Bakshi with crews at the newly launched McDonald's largest restaurant in Noida.
Vikram Bakshi with crews at the newly launched McDonald’s largest restaurant in Noida.

While on the other hand, Bakshi informs that he will still be the Director of the company as he owns 50 per cent stake in the JV. It is also possible that Bakshi will move Company Law Board (CLB) and will not sell his stake either to the US partner or the second master franchisee Harcastle which currently owns complete stake in the South-West operations.

Reason: Expansion of number of stores did take place but unlike the other master franchisee. While in 2009-10 Jatia led operations had 78 stores, they now operate 166 stores, Bakshi led operations has only moved from 90 to 153 stores.

‘Refeul’ with healthy food @Select Citywalk; 100 outlets by mid-2016

We have seen a plenty of QSRs that serve junk food and aerated beverages but today I attended a launch of a QSR which only sells and promotes healthy eating.  Refuel as it is known, is a completely healthy way of eating while you shop at Select Citywalk. The first outlet has been opened as the part of Select Citywalk’s foodcourt Food Talk.


The store ensures that whatever you order is prepared right in front of your eyes using an open kitchen concept, no preservatives added.

For sandwiches, subs and wraps one can choose the vegetables that they would need. Interestingly, Vikram Khosla, Managing Director elaborates, “Generally all the QSRs that operate on open kitchen model serve fresh vegetables that might at times be unhygienic. So in order to ensure high standards of hygience, we saute the vegetables a little so that the impurities are gone.”DSC03310DSC03307


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After a successful burger story it’s time for ‘McCafe’ chain

The name that changed the way India perceived burgers, that infact actually brought in the burger culture to the country, McDonald’s, now plans to stir the market with a new concept. The fast food major now aims at launching global coffee-house-styled F&B chain – McCafe – in India.


The project roll out which will take another six months will help McDonald’s gain better margins and will be implemented by both master franchisees in the country.

The new concept stores, aimed at youth, will offer a selection of coffees, desserts and smoothies, among others.

US Menu
US Menu


Get mad with friends at Mad Over Donuts

Mad Over Day let’s you celebrate friendship the whole week and not just a day. Enjoy a special offers on donuts from 4th August to 10th August. Under the offer, you can grab one donut free on the purchase of two donuts.

Price: Rs 55 each donut; Available: All Mad Over Donuts stores, except Airport Kiosks