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Reebok aims to re-position as multi-fitness brand; breaks ties with e-retailers

Reebok in an year’s time, especially after the scam by then MD (Shubhinder Singh Prem), has lost a lot in terms of consumer interest and loyalty. Who were the gainers? Puma and Nike.

Moreover, this image has been further degraded by online retailers who have been selling Reebok products at discounts as low as 70 per cent, making it a mass brand rather than a brand which is need specific. These products have been stocked last year which is being sold till date at dead low prices, as low as Rs 399.

The brand, after seeing an all time low in brand image, now plans to bring back the brand premiumness with its new management by Adidas group worldwide. Now the brand looks at liquidating its old merchandise and re-position the brand as  multi-fitness brand.



Snap Fitness opens in Gurgaon; first in North India

After creating success waves in Mumbai and South India, Snap Fitness makes its entry into North India. The worldwide 24/7 fitness center has launched its first fitness center in Gurgaon.

The aim is to fill the fitness space by offering an international format fitness centre at affordable prices to the Indian consumer. Snap Fitness launch


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