YellowBulbs: A Marketplace That Fulfils Your Creative Marketing Needs On Demand

It’s a race! A race among brands, among companies, and among sectors, too! Yes, we live in a world where competition is fierce and the need for perfection just keeps on getting bigger every day. And, all to serve the ever-demanding consumers with the best.

To add to the challenge — achieve this creatively. Creativity is what sells even if you are an established brand.

With digital taking the world by storm and consumer’s attention span dropping drastically second by second, the need for brands to catch this attention is key. The evolution of digital has not only changed the way consumers behave but has also revolutionised the way marketing industry works. Thus, creating an ever-rising need for creative ideas that could make a brand stand out and have an ever-lasting impression on their consumers’ minds.

While many brands are stuck with the handful agencies that can only fulfill so much requirements, the time constraints stop the brands to explore new works and new service providers. While the creativity is required when selling a brand through different media, not all agencies are able to offer a 360-degree solution. Moreover, a huge demand for creative ideas comes from the new-age e-commerce sector and also, startup business. The demand for the companies in these categories is to have creative ideas but at an affordable price. Not many of these companies are able to pay the hefty fees of established multinational agencies.

So, how to find a new agency, a fresh approach for the brand and a campaign that would leave a never-fading impression on consumers’ minds at costs that are viable? We suggest, go online? No, no, we don’t mean Google Search! That would be cumbersome. But, what if we say that there is a platform which could be your one-stop shop for all your creative needs? Believe it!

A first-of-its-kind platform, YellowBulbs, the #MarketingMarketplace, is your answer to the creative needs. A brand that is established or a brand that wants to kick-start its campaigns across media, all could find creative answers to their needs. It is a unique platform for many medium and small creative agencies and freelancers that have come forth with the digital evolution. These agencies and freelancers are known to have some striking ideas that could take the digital marketing world by storm.

A brainchild of the husband-wife duo, Vivek and Nehal Modi, YellowBulbs, handholds the two ends (brands and service partners) to come together for services that could revolutionise their market. The aim: “Turn your Business Into a brand.” YellowBulbs operates in eight broad categories including digital marketing, event and activation, design and communication, website and app, video and film, blogs and content, audio and radio, and public relation.

“The time is just right for Indian small and medium businesses to enter the big league of brands worldwide. In past two decades, post-liberalisation has built an ecosystem that has given companies access to capital and talented manpower. Moreover, with the recent retail and e-commerce boom, new markets have opened up, expanding the consumer base like never before. All this has revolutionised the way brands communicate with their consumers not just nationally but globally. Understanding this need, we at YellowBulbs are focused on bridging the gap between the up and coming businesses and startups on one side of the spectrum and the marketing experts and specialists on the other. And, why just smaller brands, we also cater to established brands that want to re-strategise and unveil a new brand identity using current marketing trends,” says Vivek Modi, Co-Founder, YellowBulbs.

So, what makes YellowBulbs your destination if you are brand or a service provider:

  • Free registration: In times when the market is full of platforms that ask for upfront registration fees, YellowBulbs allows the service partners to register for free, apply for the best-suited bids, complete the assignment, and receive payment. YellowBulbs offers managed services solution at a simple service fee of five per cent.
  • Visibility: After signing up, the platform allows the service partners to create a profile showcasing their core strengths and portfolio. Thus, providing them visibility among the right audience. Also, it allows you to check various briefs and place the best-suited bid.
  • Quick service: To serve brands looking for immediate services, short on time to get in the process of briefing, shortlisting and negotiating, the website has a special feature called Brand Box. This helps the brands find competitively priced ready-to-use-package based on their needs for a project that needs immediate attention.
  • Verification: Another key area that assures the service seekers is the fact that the company is always in the process of verifying the service partners (both agencies and freelancers). YellowBulbs has set up a questionnaire which allows them to gauge the partner’s authenticity and capability. And, if you are verified with YellowBulbs the chances of you being visible to the service seeker are higher when compared to others.
  • Secure and transparent platform: YellowBulbs, understanding the financial transactions involved has a secure and transparent platform. To ensure that the partner is paid only when the project is complete, YellowBulbs released the final service price to the partners only when the seeker confirms that the service has been fulfilled.
  • Distance no constraint: One of the most striking features of the digital world is closing the distance between cities. So, even if you are a service seeker or provider operating in Tier-II and III cities, then YellowBulbs will be the “it” platform for you. Creativity with no boundaries.
  • Pay-as-you-want pricing model: We are truly partnering with our solution partners (sellers) and building this relationship on TRUST. Therefore while we usually get a decent fixed margin on the projects they earn, we leave it to them to decide the exact percentage they want to share with us depending upon the margins of a specific project and keeping in mind it should not escalate the project price and hurt the marketer or buyer. This system works well as we empower the partner to decide. This is a win-win-win for all three — the marketer, the solution partner, and the platform.

So, if you are a brand looking for some innovative and creative marketing services or if you are a creative agency which is ready to serve brands, YellowBulbs is the place to be.

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