Art-tickles: The Art of Handpainting by Crazy Palette

It’s only a few people who realise their dreams and passions and even fewer have the strength to work towards making them in to reality. So from here on we will bring to such success stories, a part of our special initiative Art-tickles – Gangs of Creativepreneurs, to believe in “Never say Never”.

 Our very first story of Art-tickles is about an idea which emerged with a sheer love of painting and art, Crazy Palette. Rishma Lath, who with a passion of art, moved towards a comfortable 9-6 job as an animator in her early years. But soon she realised that her passion and her creativity is not being justified by her desk job, and monotony made it even worse. Hence, she called it quits.

She moved on working towards her love for art and implied her creative skill into handpainting t-shirts and shoes for friends. And now with encouragement and popularity among people, she expanded her product categories and started her venture, Crazy Palette.

Started in 2009, Crazy Palette specialises in customised or exclusive handpainted handbags, clutches and home furnishing. With a vision to become a high end niche brand, resolves to bring to consumers products which are unique and appealing.

The sheer vigour and thought that goes into each product is overwhelming and unfathomable. Interestingly, the craftmanship is such that each product is exclusive and the second might be similar if demand be but not exactly the same. It’s really ideas flowing on a canvas, always different and always new.

With no looking back with the initiative they have begun with, they now move on to launch their e-store to ensure easy buy for consumers who love and appreciate art. So far they have been showcasing through some leading exhibitions and have gained a limelight among their set target audience.

The Team:

The team is formed by individuals who share the same love for art and creativity. Each artist in the team is promoted to express their distinctive artistic flair in the paintings. The team works collectively not only in making the art but even in conceptualising and implementing new ideas for products and designs.

The team includes Rishma Lath, Namrata Dhingra and Sejal Khanna


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