Biyani aims 250 Big Bazaar Direct by October-end

In order to tap the 60 per cent unorganised retail industry, Kishore Biyani aims to expand the presence of Big Bazaar Direct to 250 by October-end and 1200 by March. The expansion is taking place via franchise model and offers the service of call-to-order to its customers. This format fill a thin line between the neighbourhood stores and organised modern trade.

In an exclusive interview with CNBC-TV18, Biyani informs that the venture will offer 1800 SKUs, currently and expand to 10,000 going further. The aim will be to sell high margin products including electronics and general merchandise. Moreover, to cater to the special call-to-order, Future Group has also set up a new supply chain, thus catering to pan-India needs which cannot be sufficed through physical retail, otherwise.

Under the franchise model, the franchisee will have to invest Rs 3 lac in the business and then the company will put in systems and give a tablet to them. Currently, the delivery is promised between three-seven days.


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