What iGrow Thinks: Johnny Rockets to soon make India entry

The US based hamburger chain, Johnny Rockets will make an India entry by end of this year as a part of its franchise agreement signed with Prime Gourmet Pvt Ltd in March 2013.

The chain will open two stores by end of this year both in the NCR region. While one will open at the upmarket Select Citywalk (a must for all the first timers) and Ambience Mall, Gurgaon. The two names suggests that Johnny Rockets plans to operate more in the upmarket or premium segment of the market. Moreover, the same becomes obvious with the pricing of burgers which will range from Rs 275-Rs375 (any takers?). Johnny Rockets will further expand its reach to cities including Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Pune, Hyderabad and Kolkata.SixFlags-JohnnyRockets-4095


The USP of Johnny Rockets that sets it apart from other chains is the in-store ambiance which ensures that the staff sings and dances every half-hour. Moreover, whenever they serve french fries, the plate is designed with a smiley made by ketchup.

What iGrow Thinks:

Johnny Rockets will be competing with various fast food or as we know the burger chains in the country, the first and foremost being McDonalds. What has been seen over time is that no brand that has made India entry in competition or even similar to McDonalds has not been able to break the ice. For Indian, McDonalds and burger have become synonyms. Moreover, for us, a burger priced beyond McDonalds menu is expensive, we tend to shift to other product items instead of a burger priced beyond Rs 275.

Moreover, Johnny Rockets will, in its upmarket pricing, will be competing with another chain soon making its Indian entry, The Counter. The Counter aims to offer choose your filling burgers.
What’s more concerning is that, will Johnny Rockets be able to glue its consumers to its fun and frolic in-store atmosphere for long?

Let’s see will the ‘experiencing’ walk-ins turn into ‘repeat’ walk-ins.


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