Hidesign experiences 215% growth in e-commerce

Hidesign, the luxury leather handbags and accessories brand, has seen nearly 215 per cent growth in its e-commerce business in the first half of 2013-14 in comparison to last year. The growth is due largely from the opening of new accounts, and is expected to maintain this rate into next year as Hidesign continues to open new accounts.

Hidesign expects Q3 to show even greater growth as a result of stronger sales from hidesign.com and the opening of at least three new large e-commerce accounts with which negotiations are in process. Hidesign.com recently upgraded its website to offer its online customers and brand loyalists greater functionality including cash on delivery payment mechanism and click to call shopper services. Hidesign.com customers can now also search its online catalogue by type of bag, price range and color. Hidesign’s gift card and loyalty card program will soon be integrated with its website, offering its online customer an experience very much like that which they would experience in a physical store.

Hidesign website

“There is huge opportunity here,” says  Akshat Tiwari, Business Head Department Stores and E-Commerce, “but Hidesign must invest in the infrastructure that is required to grow the business, including a dedicated photographer, more efficient warehousing, and greater stock allocations. The process is underway, but not fast enough to keep pace with the rapid growth.”


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