‘Refeul’ with healthy food @Select Citywalk; 100 outlets by mid-2016

We have seen a plenty of QSRs that serve junk food and aerated beverages but today I attended a launch of a QSR which only sells and promotes healthy eating.  Refuel as it is known, is a completely healthy way of eating while you shop at Select Citywalk. The first outlet has been opened as the part of Select Citywalk’s foodcourt Food Talk.


The store ensures that whatever you order is prepared right in front of your eyes using an open kitchen concept, no preservatives added.

For sandwiches, subs and wraps one can choose the vegetables that they would need. Interestingly, Vikram Khosla, Managing Director elaborates, “Generally all the QSRs that operate on open kitchen model serve fresh vegetables that might at times be unhygienic. So in order to ensure high standards of hygience, we saute the vegetables a little so that the impurities are gone.”DSC03310DSC03307


As he takes me through the store, he explains, “All smoothies, shakes and mocktails are also prepared using frozen fruits so we serve all fruits all season. We have a stock of nearly 5000-6000 kgs of these fruits, so you can enjoy fresh strawberries this season or a mangoes in peak winters in January.”

“The idea of opening Refeul was to serve a set of audience which is health conscious and looks for healthy options to eat when he is out could be for shopping, movie or traveling.”

Refeul has entered the Indian market with plans to go all out with stores across various formats. Aiming stores spread across 100-150 sq ft, Refuel will have three new outlets opening at various terminals of Indira Gandhi Airport, New Delhi followed by Mumbai Airport. “We plan to open nearly  100 outlets in next three years from here on (so mid 2016). All these stores will be company owned, franchising will be done only once the store opening is accelerated to a next level. Right now franchising will be a risk for the brand equity which we don’t want to take,” avers Alkesh Tandon, Chairman, Refuel.


Apart from airports and malls, Refeul will also take its brand to cinemas, corporate parks and even hospitals (which I think will be synonym to their brand strategy). “We are in talks with PVR Cinemas to sell our offerings. Right now there is no healthy eating option if we go to watch a movie, from food to beverages its all junk. The concept has been taken well but we are still finalising on whether we shall serve through separate kiosks or over PVR’s counters. Alongside, we are in talks with DLF for their corporate properties and Apeejay Hospitals where we will soon be opening one store.”


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