Vimal goes Unformal, yes Unformal with new collection

Looking at the changing trends of the way consumers dress and the breaking walls between formal and informal dressing, Vimal launches a range of informal or as they say ‘Unformal’ range of clothing for men.

Decades old menswear brand has been known for its formal wear and suiting and shirting lengths, with the new range will be able to reach to wider audience than just being a typecast. The new Unformal Fashion range from Vimal has been designed to cater to today’s youth who want to break away from the conventional formal wear concept and are looking for new ways to make formal wear interesting. The new range comprises four exciting, trendier and fashionable products and includes Fashion Jacketing, Fashion Cottons, Fashion & Feel and Fashion Ceremonials.


From the house of Reliance Industries, Vimal, in order to publicise the range celebrated No Tie Day and also organised ‘Tie-Burning Parties’ across various cities. The campaigns have also been launched. The new campaign takes off from Vimal’s brand’s DNA of ‘fashion for everyone’ and aims to contemporise its ubiquitous appeal. The campaign propagates the new age trends in formal wear and highlights Vimal’s latest Fashion range for the current season.

Some of the campaigns:

India’s first tie-burning party (Official No Tie Day Anthem) –

Tie Obituary App –


Tie Obituary App –


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