Hidesign launches first exclusive boutique at VR Surat

The premium leather handbags and accessories brand, Hidesign, launches its first exclusive boutique at new community-oriented premium lifestyle shopping center, VR Surat.

The boutique is located in The Runway, VR Surat’s international standard fashion arena which is dotted with several first time international brands that have debuted in Surat, Hidesign’s exclusive boutique will retail its signature premium leather accessories. Immediately outside the Hidesign store is the prominent permanent art installation ‘Jal Tapi’, international artist Paresh Maity’s special tribute to Surat, making the store location even more special.

Front view_store

Taking only 30 days of construction, the store is custom designed by Gudjon Bjarnason, the acclaimed Icelandic artist and architect, who has previously conceptualized Hidesign’s boutiques across India in the past. The store features a cash counter with the cantilevered canopy, the main signage with 3D backlit letters, wooden horizontal display shelves, and the leather walls are true to our ethos of custom designed exclusive stores. Glowing custom-made solid brass display racks merge beautifully with the trademark warm and cheerful colour scheme of the store, in brown, cream and white. A tradition followed by Hidesign, the fixtures of the store are hand-made in natural materials such as wood, brass and leather, creating fresh and unusual designs that the brand is known for.

LongShot_Store copy

Dilip Kapur, President of Hidesign says, “Our latest store in The Runway at VR Surat, which reflects our brand values and evolving customer profile.  The clean lines, use of natural materials like leather, brass, and wood add warmth and create an exclusive experience for the Hidesign customer.”


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