Now buy fish supplies online with

So you love fishes? Have them in your home but face a challenge to get them the right supplies? Well you now have a solution- you can buy all fish supplies at the recently launched online store,

Launched by PetsGlam Services, also the makers of, the site will offer information on fishes and house supplies for fishes including fish food, aquariums, aquarium decorations, filters and heaters among others. It will cater to both marine water and fresh water aquarium owners. There are nearly 700 products listed on the site which are expected to reach 1700 in next two months.

In order to offer a gamut of product, the e-retailer has partnered with various global brands including Fluval and also has tie-ups with more than 25 brands like Sera, RS Electrical, Rid-All, JBJ, Aqua Plantasy, Tokyu, Aquaone, Sharp, Marina and Living World among others. It claims to currently offer more than 700 fish and reptile products on the site and hopes to increase it to 1,7000 in the next two months.

Going further more pet categories will be explored including cats and birds.


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