Not just buy; bid for your favourite products online with Zloka

Looking for lifestyle products at a price you are willing to pay or bid for? The answer is, which has gone live with its website selling products via two different models. One can either bid for products at Zlauction or buy them directly at ZlokShop. The focus is to provide a platform where every user has the right to purchase the product or service at own price.zloka

The website is aimed at offering customers not just the opportunity to find a wide variety of products and services, but also enjoy the process of acquiring them. To this end, our website aims to provide an exciting experience of bidding.

The concept was founded by three friends who first met at their undergrad school about 20 years ago and which has now transformed into a reality. The founders bring in diverse experience of approximately 35 years in various leadership roles across markets in Asia, Europe and United States.


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