Season 3 of VentureNursery starts with 5 startups

India has been a country which has produced some of world’s greatest and successful entrepreneurs, is now seeing a new generation of startups. Five such startups will soon get their share of incubation, thus becoming a successful venture, as VentureNursery begins its third season.

India’s first angel-backed accelerator had received over 150 submissions from 29 cities.


Let’s know more about the – I shall call them ‘Furious Five’:

1. Catapooolt: Founded by a set of people who pioneered crowdfunding in India as well as distribution for Indie films. With the focus on music, movies and art projects, they let create dreams, find people who can contribute in making the dreams come true and finally, celebrate the success.

2. iLeatherGraph : An ecommerce venture offering various leather products with specialty being that these products are identity themed. The products are made to order, as customers can have their identity, autograph or monogram on the products. The venture was started in December 2011 by Rattan Joneja.

3. Peter’s Pan : The venture which began as chain of restaurants in Pune and now plans to further expand it into web-based fast food outlets and delivery service.

4. : A venture which operates as a recommendation system for news that’s targeted at online publishers, blogs, and media groups who could make use of it on their sites to engage readers by serving up relevant related content.

5. Trelta : Keeping a track of person’s health appointments, thus connecting doctors, patients, laboratories, and pharmacies with patients. Its paying customers will be doctors and their clinics.

The list indeed has some targeted ideas. VentureNursery already has the feather on its hat of getting two of its previous graduates receiving seed funding.

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