Google India to connect women startups online with WeOW initiative

Google India launches its special initiative Women Entrepreneurs on the Web (WeOW). This initiative will help Indian female entrepreneurs to connect, grow their online presence, and utilize Google products to launch and scale their businesses. As part of the program, entrepreneurs can also connect with customer, track and optimise their efforts along with connecting with other entrepreneurs through communities.


The programme will specially help women entrepreneurs, according to Google the number is 1.3 million, to expand business in Tier II and Tier III cities.

Developed by Hyderabad based Googlers in 2011, has been piloted in since 2012 in India, Singapore and Russia.


  • Build Your Online Presence: Get your business online and expand the reach of your
    business beyond national and regional boundaries. Help your customers and potential partners find you 24/7 regardless of their location or time zone.
  • Collaborate Effectively: Learn to use email and other tools effectively to
    collaborate with your employees, stakeholders and partners.
    Optimize your workflow and help your team be more efficient.
  • Connect with Your Customers: Engage with your customers and help them build a
    personal connection with you and your organization. Have a facetoface chat with poten5al clients and get feedback and suggestions from existing customer.
  • Promote Your Organisation: Learn to promote your organization in innovative ways. Use viral videos to help your customers spread the word for you and showcase your products and offer solutions while they are looking for it.
  • Track and Optimise: Analyze trends and gather insights on what’s working and
    what’s not. Tweak and optimize your website and campaigns to maximize your ROI and meet your goals.

So sign up here to be a part and touch new heights.


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