iGrow Reviews: Forever 21, DLF Place Saket

If white and bright defines you, then this is one store that you will love to enter. The basic of every successful retail store in today’s time is plain, straightline and a store that makes a shopper to explore. Guess what, Forever 21 cracks the code there, a huge entry with a hanging Forever 21 logo, no prize for guessing, that too in white.


What caught my eye – though my friend says “its an old idea”, the Europe return..huh – are the mannequins placed high on the display tables. I think this would make it easy for a shopper to see what’s in vogue at the store and also to locate what kind of designs and colours will be available at which counter.


Lighting is bright in the store with focus lights placed perfectly on products and like mentioned earlier, a white decor helps enhance the products. Display are clean and uncluttered, though the navigation will make a first timer in the store a bit confused.


Some of my personal favourite areas in the store were the footwear and accessories section. Its the sheer colours (neon or pop colours, precisely) which just attract you. It surely makes me go weak in my knees as well. The footwear section has been displayed in a clutter free manner yet giving a feel to the customer that this store will never go out of stock in any style and size ever.



My favourite
My favourite



iGrow Verdict:

  • Store Design: 3.5/5
  • Display: 4.5/5
  • Lighting: 4/5
  • Store Navigation: 3/5

Average Rating: ♥♥♥♥


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