Amazon Associates Program launches; taps online publishers today unveiled the Amazon Associates program in India –a premier  marketing program that  lets online publishers of all sizes effectively monetize their content  by advertising contextually relevant products and referring visitors to Publishers can select from over 17 million books, tens of thousands of DVDs and Audio CDs, thousands of genuine items in Consumer Electronics, and the entire Kindle range of devices. It’s completely free to join and an easy and effective way to improve experience for visitors and make money at the same time.

Amazon Associates provides a cost-per-action advertising model where any associate ranging from large and small businesses to bloggers, authors, nonprofits, personal home pages and more, can easily create a link to a contextually relevant product from the catalog. Associates earn a percentage-based referral free when customers click through and make a purchase on The commission extends to all products the visitor buys and not just the specific product that was advertised.  Amazon’s trusted brand ensures a good customer experience for visitors, which translates to better conversions and higher commissions for Associates.

As part of an introductory offer, Amazon is launching the Associates program with rich commission rates ranging from 5% for Consumer Electronics to 10% in all other categories, including Books, Movies and all Kindle devices.

Explaining the benefits, Amit Agarwal, Vice President and Country Manager, Amazon India, said, “Millions of online websites, small and big, around the world showcase relevant Amazon products and earn high commissions. It is a win-win proposition, your visitors see contextually relevant products and you have a new source of income. Associates in India will have access to the same tools and the trustworthy tracking and reporting that millions of associates worldwide have enjoyed over the last 17 years.”

Website owners who sign on for the Associates program also get access to Associates Central, a dedicated Associates portal where associates  have the option to build links, view traffic and earnings reports, and read about the latest news and opportunities available through the program.  Associates Central also offers access to a library of convenient and effective widgets, linking tools including text links and rich banners that make this very easy to use for individual and small publishers.  Associates also have access to the ‘Associates Site Stripe’ – the quickest and easiest way to link to any page on Amazon. The Site Stripe lets signed in Associates build links as they browse the website.  Associates with development resources can also use the Product Advertising API and XML data feeds to seamlessly integrate Amazon’s rich catalog with their content.

As per personal technology columnist and founder of the widely read tech blog, Digital Inspiration, Amit Agarwal, “The Amazon Associates program has been helping web publishers monetize content by showcasing relevant products to their users. Now that the Associates program is available in India, it will help thousands of publishers here, big and small, expand their advertising options and look beyond AdSense.”   Agarwal has also signed up to be an Amazon Associate.


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