Its never too late to flaunt Mickey and Minnie t-shirts; Disney brings apparel for grown ups

We all love our veteran cartoon characters, don’t we?! What is more fun is that we have retailers launching apparels which feature these cartoons especially the ones from the kitty of Disney. Infact, what has come as a surprise to the retailers including Zara, Lifestyle and Mango are the beyond expectation sales of these apparels.

Taking cue from the response of the market, Disney Consumer Products India has launched high end branded apparel for adults which will feature famous toons including Mickey and Minnie, the flag-bearers. The step will help Disney reach a consumer base which has been keen on purchasing character based licensed products for themselves but have not got the right products. Apparel seem to be the best category to roll out, you can never go wrong here. I wouldn’t mind wearing a Minnie Mouse t-shirt!!

Interestingly, even the company thinks so and hopes that adult centric products will  contribute nearly 40 per cent of sales within two years.














Disney in India, has recently taken a strong step by tying up with Supertech and Sunteck to launch Disney designed/theme homes under a licensing deal.These homes will have Mickey and other characters feature on furniture, rugs, tableware, kitchenware, fans, paints, swimming pool and play zones.

Licensing industry, which contributes only one percent to the global licensing market, has now seem to take risks; risks that will only prove to profitable, all worth it!


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