eBay personalises homepage; launches eBay Feed

Ever thought of customising your shopping experience? You must have always longed for an online retailer letting you zero down to your choice products without searching for them?! eBay India, the largest online marketplace in the country, has launched a special customised feature for consumers named eBay Feed.


The new service brings the joy of personalised shopping experience. You can curate your own eBay homepage by adding and viewing only preferred product categories from over three million live product listings across the website.

“It’s an evolution in the online shopping space. Consumer personalisation and satisfaction is the key and eBay Feed offers the two together. Bringing smart solutions to smart consumers,” says Deepa Thomas, eCommerce Evangelist, eBay India.

iGrow’s take:

  • Get to see what you actually want to see
  • Discover from the infinite
  • It’s all about you; a mirror to your personality
  • Go social: Share your page with your friends through social media
  • Foremost, save your time

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