Coming soon: Android Nation stores

India is seeing a strong levels of mobile penetration with a majority of these subscribers being Android lovers. Looking at this love for Android in phones starting from as low as Rs 5,000, Google now looks at capturing the Indian retail market with its brick n mortar stores, Android Nation.



To set up these stores, which are a hit back in Indonesia, will be opened in collaboration with Spice Global, a BK Modi enterprise. The store launch will begin with New Delhi (Select Citywalk, obviously) and then move to other cities. These stores will be spread across 1,200 – 1,500 sq ft. After the first store is opened, the collaboration will convert 50 Spice Hotspots stores into Android Nation to enable rapid expansion of the franchise.

What is special about Android Nation:

  • Variety of Android phones in one store including ASUS, Samsung, HTC, Sony, among others
  • Serve customers as Android experience centres – Know about latest apps, updates and others
  • A partner which has been a pro at mobile retail; Spice has nearly 900 stores across India

India will be the second nation globally after Indonesia to open these stores.


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