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GCL enters the sunsrise FMCG segment

GCL, a well known brand in tobacco, has now taken a step ahead to move into the ever expanding FMCG segment as it unveils potato chips under the brand ‘Tat-O’. The focus is on consumers who are looking for quality products.


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Coming soon: Android Nation stores

India is seeing a strong levels of mobile penetration with a majority of these subscribers being Android lovers. Looking at this love for Android in phones starting from as low as Rs 5,000, Google now looks at capturing the Indian retail market with its brick n mortar stores, Android Nation.


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Retail finds new destinations


For retail players, stagnation and obsolescence are two sides of the same coin. Though expansion is often a challenge in a curtailed economic environment, it is nevertheless a necessary function for success. Retailers who wait too long to expand into new territories, or are content to stay where they are, are missing the growth wave and will eventually lose their market relevance. Continue reading Retail finds new destinations