Starbucks explores beyond shopping centres

Starbucks has become popular for reasons beyond coffee. With its first stint with Mumbaikars, the store was well received for its amazing decor and a complete Indianised look. Moving to Delhi, the store design continued to make Indians feel at home with a handicraft inspired store. Along with different design stores, keeping in mind the location it is opening, Starbucks has also been strategic with the locations it plans to opens stores.

Starbucks_Dellhi Flagship Store Picture_Connaught Place

Though the first few stores in Mumbai were in the market areas, soon the coffee brewer entered Delhi through the T3 Terminal of IGI Airport, literally. It recently also explored metro station as another strategic location to capture the daily commuters who work in various MNC at Nehru Place.

With a great success, Starbucks now explores other retail destinations including Schools, Hospital and Corporate Campuses. Leaving no stone unturned, the US based brewer, which entered India in a JV with Tata Global Beverages, also might look at areas around gyms and health centres.

With all these new locations being explored, the centre point remains convenience to customers.


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