The Counter enroute to India

India has, like the US, become a burger frenzy nation and for us burger means Mc Donalds. We have been brought up eating Mc Donalds burgers and now as the reports suggest, we have a new player marking its entry in to the Indian market.

Named, The Counter, a US based burger chain, is set to open up nearly a dozen stores in the metros including Delhi and Mumbai. Interestingly, the burgers will be prized at Rs 400 and above, a whooping eight times more than a Mc D burger.

The Counter

So why a customer pay that much:

  • Build your own burger
  • More than 312,000 burger combinations (there’s a new to be explored every day)
  • Featured in GQ magazine’s ’20 Hamburgers You Must Eat Before You Die’
  • Now eat a burger as you fine dine

Internationally, The Counter has 33 stores in the US and four outlets in Dublin, Kuwait and Jeddah. Hope the price sensitive Indians join The Counter Culture.


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